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Do you think you have what it takes to be a moderator for BuilderFanatics? We are always looking for people with the drive and desire to make this Network a better place. Listed below are the Responsibilities you would expect to handle as a Moderator.


Answer tickets as permissions grant
Relay tickets as necessary if unable to handle (immediately and directly)
Pass on any server related issues out of your ability to Admin
Pass on any player related issues out of your ability to a Admin or Founder
Moderate forums and answer issues there as well
Be a presence within the community. We encourage you to socialize and build relationships should that be something you wish to do.
Enforcing the Rules
Creating a happy environment for the player
Represent BuilderFanaitcs Staff as a respectful person


Mature appearance and behavior (we ideally prefer candidates to be at least 14 years of age though younger players who can prove their maturity will also be considered)
Basic understanding of mods in relation to the server you are playing on
Complete understanding of our server rules, the Network and the BuilderFanatics community.
Reasonably consistent recent play-time. In other words, show us that you still play, not that you did play at one time.
Good social and interpersonal skills like: taking own initiative, communicative competence, empathy, self-confidence, trustworthiness, self-control, conflict resolution skills, assertiveness, criticism, curiosity.
Strong knowledge of the English language in reading and writing.
Forum Moderating as our support goes through it most the time


A chance to give back to the community and staff that give you this great network
A chance to prove yourself as a way to move up in the ranks
A chance to utilize some ideas you might have with Modded Minecraft
The experience of working for the most progressive Modded Minecraft community in the world!
Experience that can be put on a resume.

Please reply under here. Please think twice before you push Submit, It can take us up to 2 weeks before we make a final decision on your application, please be patient. We will let you know through a Private Message here on the forums, check often! Please be as detailed as possible when filling this out, it makes for an easier decision the more detail we have.
  • How long have you been playing on BuilderFanatics
what can you provide for the community

How old are you

What experince do you have in minecraft servers.

Skill you have for example (Server managment, Website, Editing videos, Photoshop.)
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